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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a science that until now there is still much studied by many web masters, bloggers and internet marketers.Many parameters in effect on the science of SEO and is still growing dynamically.

One measure of success of implementing SEO on a website or blog is a SERP (Search Engine Result Page) or the appearance of your site or blog on the first page of search engines.Can be seen in the figure below, if you type "Logging Story" on search engines.

Views on Google.com for Logging Story

No. One from 190 million at the date of July 25, 2010

Next of Yahoo.com for "Logging Story"

No. One from 109 million on 25 July 2010

From Bing.com for "Logging Story"


No. 1 of 13.3 million on 25 July 2010

From Ask.com for "Logging Story"

No. 1 from 5.751 million on 25 July 2010

From a very simple blog this fact can also get a place on the first page and the first sequence at various large search engines, many of the things that make a simple blog that appeared on the first page of search engine .... I will convey this to the next posting.Clearly there are also some blog belongs to me, who like this without a wide range of e-books to be purchased at the price expensive.

For bloggers who are poor like I was not allowed out some money to buy various e-book, follow the specific learning for SEO etc (a 100% self-study).What is certain at this writing page rank issued by google.com still "0" and the traffic rank from alexa.com on "2,632,969"

It's time now I ask for comments from the web master about the phenomenon that occurs on my blog.

Because of the limited knowledge I had at this time.

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