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With little information available about a group of people who had independently planting trees for the environment that has been damaged.Weight began to travel west Borneo, where it found that very fascinating land area where there are tens of hectares have been planted with trees that can be used for the timber industry to alternative raw materials.Difficult to explain with words, how they began planting, but a clear manifestation in fact been seen.They plant, nurture, maintain, harvest and sell trees are the results of which can be used for the needs of their lives.A good effort for the environment at the moment all the world began calling for the effects of global warming that might term is not known by them.Far from the reach of electronic media, they've started having the spirit to restore their forests have been damaged by illegal logging some time ago, a brilliant effort in the middle of the limitations they have.
Hopefully a little concern from the world community to act as they did.

To make Borneo as a green area of the world, global warming may prevent these terms are not understood by them.

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