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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Contest write about the forest and nature conservation.

Some time ago on the forum in Indonesia contested race to write online writing a theme "How to Indonesia if no forest?".

And as you all know, that Indonesia is one of the world's lungs ....
Will happen much unbalance the ecosystem in the world, especially the equatorial region. and extinction of flora and fauna endemic to the equator, means it will break up the food chain also will result in disaster in the world.

I also participated in the writing contest ... If you are willing. Please visit ... Link below :


Contest write about the forest and nature conservation.

Some time ago on the forum in Indonesia contested race to write online writing a theme "How to Indonesia if no forest?".

And as you all know, that Indonesia is one of the world's lungs ....
Will happen much unbalance the ecosystem in the world, especially the equatorial region. and extinction of flora and fauna endemic to the equator, means it will break up the food chain also will result in disaster in the world.

I also participated in the writing contest ... If you are willing. Please visit ... Link below :


Sunday, September 30, 2012

My new Journey

Feeling sad that raged in mind, because the timber logging activities ongoing in eastern Borneo.

What do you think of this video to learn ...... ?


At the moment all were heavily crop movement to reforest degraded land there are those who perform illegal logging activities.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

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After a while I tried not to up date my blog, about 1 year ....
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Monday, August 23, 2010

I Wanted an Adventure Again

I'm tired of it in Java, after a time wanted an adventurous again and meet with the forester.

Together we will replant the forest that has been damaged, and restore the ecosystem with optimal for inhibiting the rate of global warming and climate change.

Also, plant more trees to increase oxygen levels in the earth, it is time for action again.

Hopefully will come back, with help from Google, Alexa and other search engines. Already there are a few kilograms of seed Albasia paraserianthes, Jabon and a plane ticket donation results from the environmentalists who unconditionally.

Hopefully in a few moments, I can be together again with forest communities to replant forests have been destroyed and show the results of cultivation of plants which will soon be harvested again later.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reforestation of Mangrove Forest to Reduce Global Warming

Tropical forest destruction that occurred in various countries around the world increasing from year to year and even in two or three decades to come is expected to experience the threat of extinction due to illegal logging (illegal logging), the transfer of land use, excessive forest exploitation, and others. So that in the early 1990s environmental experts from around the world met in Rio de Jenero, Brazil and in essence, to discuss the steps and strategies that must be done to preserve nature as well as efforts to reduce the rate of damage or rescue the tropical forest.

In Indonesia, deforestation reached 2.8 million hectares per year of total forest area covering 120 million hectares that is spread all over Indonesia. Of the total forest area, about 57 to 60 million hectares of already degraded and the damage that Indonesia now has only forest in good condition approximately 50% of the total area of the existing area.  

Such conditions, if not addressed with wise and immediate rescue efforts by governments and all citizens of Indonesia, in Indonesia over the next two decades will no longer have a forest (Mangrove Information Center, 2006).

Indonesia is one country that has the largest mangrove forest in the world to achieve 25% of the total area of mangrove forests worldwide (18 million hectares) that is an area of 4.5 million hectares or 3.8% of the total forest area in Indonesia as a whole. At least this mangrove forest area resulted in the attention of the Government of Indonesia to the mangrove forest is very small too, compared with inland forests. The condition of mangrove forests also suffered damage similar to other state of the forests in Indonesia (Mangrove Information Center, 2006).

Better logging of forest land and mangrove forest not only lead to excessive loss of water catchment areas, erosion, and natural disasters such as erosion and flooding, but also results in loss of central circulation and the formation of gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and O2 oxygen necessary for human survival .

Most people (especially the businessmen who traded forest timber products, investors who develop their business by cutting down forests and replaced with other crops such as palm or replace them with other businesses such as farms, and government officials who issued permits for timber harvesting in the forest) close their eyes and did not feel guilt and sin against the natural disasters that have been, is and will be incurred in connection with the activities they do.

Poor environmental concern and awareness for people in particular should be raised in an era which was vigorous, incessant talking about global warming because the models are usually carried out environmental education was no longer able to bring these greedy humans who tend to sacrifice the interests of the people personal interests and family. Can be believed that such person has contributed a lot to global warming is happening now is that they should get the reward that kind of behavior. Can brave and law enforcement officials in Indonesia to take firm action against this individual for the sake of safety and sustainability of natural as well as the interests and survival of humans in Indonesia and the world ?

Facts destruction of mangrove forests can be seen especially clearly in Bali. Mangrove deforestation on a large scale starting from the Village to Village Pesanggaran Pemogan (the border between the city of Denpasar and Badung District) conducted pre-1990 made by investors who are engaged in shrimp farming has resulted in reduction of mangrove forest area drastically in area. In the early development of shrimp ponds are indeed beneficial and can improve the economy of local society. However, after several years of operation, the ponds begin to experience losses resulting bankruptcy which led to the closure fish business.

Departure of the investors are leaving the former shrimp farm and a deep and protracted injury to the environment at the site until now. Mangrovepun tree can not grow anymore, especially in places hard feeding shrimp because the chemicals used for shrimp rearing them instantly. While investors have been disappearing off somewhere ?

Responding to this phenomenon, the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Forestry issued a policy (policy) which is expected to save the natural riches of tropical forests that spread across the archipelago. One of its policies is about efforts to save the mangrove forest in 1992 established the Mangrove Information Center (Mangrove Information Center).

Mangrove Information Center (MIC) is a joint project between the Government of Indonesia through the Project Development of Sustainable Mangrove Forest Management and the Government of Japan through the International Cooperation Agency Japanese Government through Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA).

This cooperation project consists of several stages. The first phase began in 1992 and ended in 1997. At this stage, the Japanese government sent a team to identify what things are needed and performed. From the results of this identification, the team formed jointly by the Governments of Indonesia and Japan and further agrees to develop Sustainable Mangrove Forest Management Project. This project aims to identify and explore reforestation techniques that can be done for recovery (recovery) the condition of mangrove forests that have been damaged.

The technique that was found was about how the seedbed and planting of mangrove seedlings. In addition, also published a guidebook mangrove planting. The results achieved at this stage is to determine the model of sustainable mangrove forest management, publishing several books such as guide books (guide book) as the seedbed and planting of mangrove seedlings, books related to mangroves, and mangrove reforestation or planting area of 253 hectares in area parks Forest Kingdom.

Mangrove reforestation efforts that have been conducted by The Mangrove Information Centre has a particular significance for the people in Denpasar and Badung regency due to consumption of oxygen supply is already available in this place and improve the security of the tsunami disaster for the communities adjacent to the mangrove forest . In addition, awareness and public awareness of the importance of preservation of mangrove forests is increasing. This is evidenced by the increasing number of schools (from elementary school to college) and the tourism industry by voluntarily to participate in planting mangrove trees in some places such as the conservation area of The Mangrove Information Center attack and the Island of mangrove tree seedlings provided by the The Mangrove Information Center party. Other business conducted by The Mangrove Information Center to increase public awareness about the importance of environmental conservation is to open a nature tourism activities (ecotourisme) so that people can see, enjoy and interact with the environment directly in the mangrove forest.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Correlation between the PLANTING OF TREES & reduce GLOBAL WARMING.

"Planting trees is an initial effort to reduce global warming"

Global warming is the increase in average air temperatures across the earth's surface. Air temperature rise occurred because more and more greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere. 

These gases include water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4), along with other gases surrounding the earth which is called the air. 

These gases have a greenhouse effect, so that sunlight can enter through the glass, but heat from the greenhouse can not go out because it was blocked by glass, so that the air inside the greenhouse gradually became hotter. 

Things like this do farmers in temperate regions to enhance and maintain stable temperatures in the region's agriculture. 

Similarly, the greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere. Sunlight is able to break through the layer of gas that reaches the earth's surface. Some light is absorbed by the earth, other re-emitted into the atmosphere (air) in the form of heat. 

This heat will be absorbed by greenhouse gases, then re-emitted in all directions directions, including most of the direction of the earth. Heat emitted back toward Earth that causes the air temperature at Earth's surface would be higher. 

Indeed the existence of greenhouse gases is very rudimentary so that the earth could be inhabited by living creatures, including humans, because if these gases did not exist then the earth's surface temperature will be very cold and did not allow living things to survive. 

Increasing the concentration (amount) of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by itself will increase the amount of heat trapped in the earth's surface air layer. In the long term this is what causes global warming. 

Among greenhouse gases, the amount of carbon dioxide gas is increasing significantly, activity associated with an increased use of fossil fuels (gas, oil and coal) for various purposes such as transportation, industry and households, from pre-industrial era to era today's modern. 

The amount of methane gas also increased due to agricultural activities, but far fewer in number than carbon dioxide gas. 

Any burning of fossil fuels will release CO2 into the air as the rest of the combustion in a comparable amount. 

Monitoring at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii, consistently increasing CO2 concentration of about 318 ppm in 1957 to about 387 ppm in the year 2010. 

Meanwhile, the intergovernmental panel of experts on climate change (IPCC) revealed that the Earth's surface temperature increased 0.6 degrees Celsius from year 1861 till the year 2001, and currently estimated Earth's surface temperature increased about 0.74 degrees Celsius. 

Negative impacts of global warming has been voiced many circles since several decades ago, but the world community, especially among the industry realized in recent years after the polar ice began to melt. 

It was feared that melting ice will raise sea level, which could drown some islands and coastal cities, and all community activities in coastal areas. 

Another impact of the interruption in the pattern of global warming climate. Irregular weather patterns make agricultural cropping patterns become chaotic, and even can result in crop failure could lead to starvation for humans. 

For example, during the rainy season in Indonesia was known in the period September to February, and the dry season (heat) in March until August. With this pattern, usually farmers plant rice in December (peak season) and plans to harvest in March or April (early dry season). 

Because of climate change, the rainy season lasts until March, then the rice will be destroyed and can not be harvested. 

In addition, rising temperatures could lead to new diseases are difficult to treat, because it had not done the research. 

Experts estimate when the air temperature increased by two degrees Celsius, the earth's ecosystem changes that occur can not be recovered (ir-reversible), many creatures will become extinct. 

Therefore, to avoid a catastrophe because of the temperature rise of the world's nations agreed to reduce carbon emissions into the air starting in 2020. 

There are several ways to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air, among others, reduce use of fossil fuels and planting trees / plants / plants to absorb CO2 from the air. 

Reduce use of fossil fuels can be done with efficiency and energy use or use other energy sources like nuclear energy, solar, hydropower and others. 

Meanwhile, the absorption of CO2 from the air do plants (trees) through the process of photosynthesis in the leaves. Over energy aid from the sun, the water is absorbed from the soil plants will be mixed with the CO2 is absorbed from the air to produce sugars, organic material that is needed to grow and develop. 

More and more plants (trees) will be more and more also leaves that absorb CO2, so the concentration of CO2 in the air can be reduced. Thus the process of planting trees could reduce global warming. 

Actual photosynthetic process is one natural mechanism for maintaining the equilibrium concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, in addition to dissolution of CO2 in the ocean due to wind and rain, and because the process of cooling the air. This is where the forest becomes important. 

Reduced forest area due to clearing and conversion to other purposes such as residential and industrial areas, a factor that accelerates the increased concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere in recent decades. 

Therefore, tree planting and reforestation of critical areas is an important step to reduce global warming. 

Incessant publicity about the phenomenon of global warming and its impact has raised awareness in the various circles of society in the world to participate against the rise in temperature of the earth. 

The Indonesian government held a one billion tree planting programs to achieve the target of reducing CO2 emissions by 26 percent in 2020. 

In Mississippi, United States, communities are competing to plant bamboo, in addition to reducing global warming is also to produce building materials and handicrafts. Even these groups perform a variety of research that produces bamboo species with a shorter harvest age. 

At the corporate level, environment-friendly production activities become as much competitive advantage by producing products labeled as environmentally friendly (eco-labeling). 

Surely not just planting trees make the air became cooler, but more than that, are not we realize that action contribute to the fight against global warming sehigga earth with all creatures in it spared from extinction.