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Saturday, April 24, 2010



It's a bit excessive, if this should be disclosed on this blog.

Planting seeds for restoration of ecosystems that have been damaged will soon begin on the week.Any other sources available to us now we will use the optimal, but there are limitations that have kept us at a stalemate.There are several obstacles that must be our anticipation of the season, so that incident a few years ago which led to seedlings planted land burned.To anticipate this we need water pumps, pipes, water hoses and equipment to create a trench that will penetrate into the forest. 
Funding constraints, has not been resolved, we need aboutU.S. $ 700-800.

You can come to start providing assistance to the address below:
Paypal .... Nanksbry@gmail.com

Your participation and contributions are expected at this time, you can also directly contribute to the explanation on page "Contribute to the World"


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