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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My journey to the island of Morotai

Some time ago at the end of 2009, there were invitations from communities on the island of Morotai.

They say the tree in the garden and forest sengon they were ready to harvest, after a preparation which takes several days.
Began the journey to the island.

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A tiring journey from Java island to the island of Morotai.But fatigue is rewarded with beautiful scenery along the way, apparently Indonesia is very beautiful nature.After traveling for two days and three nights came on the island of Morotai, the island was formerly at the time of the second world war had become a base of General Mac Arthur's case can be viewed from many American heritage on the island.

Falcataria tree as told by residents there is plenty and well maintained, the result of planting one of the big timber companies that currently no longer in operation.Age has ranged from 15-20 years, after conducting field observations and began to direct the steps of logging on local workers.I remembered there was a very famous sengon seed derived from Morotai, the information I got from the internet.The truth about those seeds began by asking me browse to the community.

There are many things that I can from my survey of the seed paraserianthes Morotai, one conclusion I've got.
Seed sengon Morotai currently much publicized via the Internet might be just as language publications only.Large diameter paraserianthes in Morotai, not because of quality seeds but because of the age of 15-20 years-old trees.

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