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Saturday, April 24, 2010



It's a bit excessive, if this should be disclosed on this blog.

Planting seeds for restoration of ecosystems that have been damaged will soon begin on the week.Any other sources available to us now we will use the optimal, but there are limitations that have kept us at a stalemate.There are several obstacles that must be our anticipation of the season, so that incident a few years ago which led to seedlings planted land burned.To anticipate this we need water pumps, pipes, water hoses and equipment to create a trench that will penetrate into the forest. 
Funding constraints, has not been resolved, we need aboutU.S. $ 700-800.

You can come to start providing assistance to the address below:
Paypal .... Nanksbry@gmail.com

Your participation and contributions are expected at this time, you can also directly contribute to the explanation on page "Contribute to the World"


Thursday, April 1, 2010

West Borneo Logging Story '2009

This Blog has lengtened about a region at borneo west the society group has begun repairing forest damage and return ecosystem balance with all existing limited ness tries to repair damage happen, May be also because their manner is self or entrepreneurs scratch big profits without care impacts from environments damages.

Borneo is the biggest island at world located in equator region. In this time appointed as one of the world lung for tropical area. In this time at borneo island happens ecosystem damage very mortally.
If they are exist in world split other curse deforestation action at borneo, In this time they are certain traduce to me.

Such that happened, But moment this Blog has written me felting very proud because although little contribution i have done. Arouse society interest at region for active do planting has returned critical tune, With plants sengon proved in a short time can increase society economics standard around forest.

“ Repair forest damage and return ecosystem damage without be balanced by society economics standard enhanced around forest will not done. “

Blog tell about a group forest hem occupant society at village penjulung - village puringan - district telukkeramat - regency sambas - province west Borneo.

This society group has cared towards environment has done their property critical tune planting unfinished because hewing action on a large scale egotistic era year 90'an, Hewing do regardless of the influence in ecosystem balance.

Planting promise has returned never do to make mortally damage in environment around, Local society the alive usually bases on forest result feels effect of hewing. Forest the result usually has relied on by society to fulfill alive need everyday although not big but enough for the man who accustomed simple alive.

In this time mortally forest damage necessary time old ones for recover likes ready time. Consequence other from hewing cause river is shallow mortally erosion rapid consequence not undercontrol so that also disturbed, River headwaters is spawning very muddy continuous erosion consequence finally there are some borneo special fish kind west more seldom has been met at Sambas' river. If not quotable destroyed, Losting again one hewing action consequence life link not undercontrol.

Bad impact that happened very big for environment around area hewing at forest after hewing action stops, Society has rued consequence that happened but all happen.

Existing now only peat tune is not producing. Bot to mention if tune summer sensitive on fire, Tune formerly fertile and has planted vegetable now dry because direct is being hitted suffocating sun and if the rains will be happened flood because aereal root has holded back rapid water there is no.

Preceding by the mentioned and on society cognizance for the importance of forest for them. Begining do step plants their critical tune together with government passes planting project returns begun planting has been has returned critical tune with Sengon's plants or has called also albasia has begun in the year 2003, Planting process do without erudition enough about plants cultivation process sengon causes many failures and again great fires that happened 2 times in the year 2004 and 2005 the great they are then plant to return without know to capitulate in tunes on fire.

A lot disagree and will defy planting program with tree sengon they disagree majority will ask about manner will plant, Tree adaptation towards environment and the mentioned market immediacy then questioned at the time of beginning planting but society has agreed with the mentioned then has planted and has taked care tree sengon, Without ever hesitant about existing hindrance in mind they only how does manner plant their property critical tune return to like formerly.

“ a certain matter almost impossible but not that hope always there although few. ”

The result has begun seeinged in the year 2007-2008 tree sengon they have been has planted has begun big and the time has been has harvested, But again government consequence don't carry out to carry out intensive project and inwrought. Society begins desperating and lose heart because government passes local forestry official initially difficulty looks for purchase want to buy forest result.

But troubleshoot about tree purchase sengon can be overcome well and perfect.

Appearing big hope after they feel result from tree planting, Society group formerly disagree with plants sengon turn around active plant at their tune.
New problem appears that is not capability seed and supporting tool last for plant in critical tune broadness achieves almost 55 % from vaist Sambas' regency.
“ but not problem appear in this time about stock seed and the supporting tool far easier looked for the answer ……. ”

They are not society group accustomed to loved, But not return forest natural also be our responsibility with?

Environment conservation and watch over balance ekosisem also must pay attention society economy need fulfillment around forest, Because without the mentioned will whatever efforts will do to will fix ecosystem will not reached.

Review and photo presented in blog this far from perfect, But with blog simple this many matters can we do with by to take care environments preservations.

In quiet they work, Far from electronic media reach …….

Without we realize may be chair in this time occupied or place iron bed has been has slept has come from borneo region west ….
Can you help them returning ecosystem balance broken ….
That you know is if buys a cup coffee at Starbuck or dunkindonuts may be in the $ 2-5, Can they exploit the fund to do planting return tune broken for the width of 5-10 m2.

We hope ………….