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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Temajuk - the border between Indonesia and malaysa

Temajuk is a small village on the border of Indonesia and malaysa.

A small example of the struggles of a people who are struggling to increase oxygen levels by planting trees.Temajuk has damaged the ecosystem in many years ago, because of illegal logging.A classic example of what always happens in the name of this harvesting for community welfare.

After the occurrence of illegal logging, the forest and left to languish who became the first victim is the community around the forest.They will sense the temperature increases, flooding and landslides since there are no trees as a protective and strong roots that bind the soil.An error that occurs due to negligence of low-educated people, but after they woke up with a new spirit in the year 2004 began a project financed by the communities themselves pure.

An extraordinary effort that ought to be proud, since unknowingly by many organizations, institutions or governments continuously without stop asking for donations from international donors.

Turns out there was a small group community, who work selflessly for the future of a better world.They work real, not like an institution or organization on behalf of beggars for a greener world but without any concrete action at all.

Hopefully, they quickly realized that they all organizations and institutions for the environment on behalf of the world that has no real job step, making the step to stop global warming more severe.Okay, we're back to the topic that is the way to temajuk.

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If you have time to look to the internet you will definitely see that there is a world organization that protects wild animals are also headquartered there, because temajuk is one of the few places in the world where turtles often come to lay eggs and breed.

Let us support them concrete steps, you can see evidence of their work by looking at the photo below.

Not too late to stop global warming, let us support them concrete steps.You can search for a paypal button (Donate) weeks to support their work are not just a mere slogan.

See you.... 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My journey to the island of Morotai

Some time ago at the end of 2009, there were invitations from communities on the island of Morotai.

They say the tree in the garden and forest sengon they were ready to harvest, after a preparation which takes several days.
Began the journey to the island.

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A tiring journey from Java island to the island of Morotai.But fatigue is rewarded with beautiful scenery along the way, apparently Indonesia is very beautiful nature.After traveling for two days and three nights came on the island of Morotai, the island was formerly at the time of the second world war had become a base of General Mac Arthur's case can be viewed from many American heritage on the island.

Falcataria tree as told by residents there is plenty and well maintained, the result of planting one of the big timber companies that currently no longer in operation.Age has ranged from 15-20 years, after conducting field observations and began to direct the steps of logging on local workers.I remembered there was a very famous sengon seed derived from Morotai, the information I got from the internet.The truth about those seeds began by asking me browse to the community.

There are many things that I can from my survey of the seed paraserianthes Morotai, one conclusion I've got.
Seed sengon Morotai currently much publicized via the Internet might be just as language publications only.Large diameter paraserianthes in Morotai, not because of quality seeds but because of the age of 15-20 years-old trees.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

WildlifeDirect - Saving Endangered Animals

WildlifeDirect - Saving Endangered Animals

Just Find a Way to Earn Money.

My busyness has drastically increased by two this week, because they have already started planting trees that are ready to planting areas.

Unfortunately, preparation of funds to start planting even thinning can only survive for 2-3 days.
It turned out that everything must be equipped to start the heart of steel, and the will to survive and beliefs about things that I do.

Everything about the future of the earth also, and with pride I felt at some time later when the oxygen that I breathe today is the result of my efforts as well. (Hopefully)

Had time to internet cafes to check email notice in my gmail account from Paidtoclick.in if payment has been made on my paypal account.

Apparently a few days ago when I had time to send news from internet cafes to multiple donors. Register in time to try to obtain funds from $ 0.01 paidtoclick.in which I believe to think this is a scam.

There may be some readers of this blog, can you advice some sites that pays its members if it did click, read, review or other.
If it does not pay to sign up, I'll join.

This is all I have to do the origin of this reforestation project continues to run any risk if it must be some hours on the internet, for the future of a better world.

This is proof if it turns out what I think about the business during this PTC is wrong ....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This collection of videos that are also eligible for publication, we hope all your help to plant more in Borneo .... and be part of environmental conservationists. In this video you can see the process of sending timber to the buyer. Wood that has been entered into the ship in order to fit more neatly stacking BuyBlogReviews.com Thumbnails powered by Thumbshots

Monday, May 10, 2010

Loading to Phinisi Ship

In this video you can see the joy of the community when their crops are harvested.
The process of loading of the vessel has already begun, already 4-5 years they worked.Have it all paid off today, and a bright future already visible today.A decent education for their children, needs and dreams fulfilled life that they'll return degraded ecosystems has been reached.Can you imagine the world as well about the project on increasing the level of oxygen in the earth also has been made possible through their struggles.

Now the big question arises in my mind,
" Who is more worthy to be called a hero for the environment ?"

Quite difficult to answer, but at least I now have to share to you all about the information that in this hemisphere there are some people who by their own efforts. Has tried to repair damaged ecosystems.

For the future a better world ..... you should participate.