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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just Find a Way to Earn Money.

My busyness has drastically increased by two this week, because they have already started planting trees that are ready to planting areas.

Unfortunately, preparation of funds to start planting even thinning can only survive for 2-3 days.
It turned out that everything must be equipped to start the heart of steel, and the will to survive and beliefs about things that I do.

Everything about the future of the earth also, and with pride I felt at some time later when the oxygen that I breathe today is the result of my efforts as well. (Hopefully)

Had time to internet cafes to check email notice in my gmail account from Paidtoclick.in if payment has been made on my paypal account.

Apparently a few days ago when I had time to send news from internet cafes to multiple donors. Register in time to try to obtain funds from $ 0.01 paidtoclick.in which I believe to think this is a scam.

There may be some readers of this blog, can you advice some sites that pays its members if it did click, read, review or other.
If it does not pay to sign up, I'll join.

This is all I have to do the origin of this reforestation project continues to run any risk if it must be some hours on the internet, for the future of a better world.

This is proof if it turns out what I think about the business during this PTC is wrong ....


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