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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Temajuk - the border between Indonesia and malaysa

Temajuk is a small village on the border of Indonesia and malaysa.

A small example of the struggles of a people who are struggling to increase oxygen levels by planting trees.Temajuk has damaged the ecosystem in many years ago, because of illegal logging.A classic example of what always happens in the name of this harvesting for community welfare.

After the occurrence of illegal logging, the forest and left to languish who became the first victim is the community around the forest.They will sense the temperature increases, flooding and landslides since there are no trees as a protective and strong roots that bind the soil.An error that occurs due to negligence of low-educated people, but after they woke up with a new spirit in the year 2004 began a project financed by the communities themselves pure.

An extraordinary effort that ought to be proud, since unknowingly by many organizations, institutions or governments continuously without stop asking for donations from international donors.

Turns out there was a small group community, who work selflessly for the future of a better world.They work real, not like an institution or organization on behalf of beggars for a greener world but without any concrete action at all.

Hopefully, they quickly realized that they all organizations and institutions for the environment on behalf of the world that has no real job step, making the step to stop global warming more severe.Okay, we're back to the topic that is the way to temajuk.

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If you have time to look to the internet you will definitely see that there is a world organization that protects wild animals are also headquartered there, because temajuk is one of the few places in the world where turtles often come to lay eggs and breed.

Let us support them concrete steps, you can see evidence of their work by looking at the photo below.

Not too late to stop global warming, let us support them concrete steps.You can search for a paypal button (Donate) weeks to support their work are not just a mere slogan.

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  1. I can only pray, I hope your efforts to preserve the natural shade of Indonesia will get the ease of god.