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Friday, July 16, 2010


LIGHTS sun which was developed to replace the use of oil lamps in developing countries managed to devour a prestigious environmental award from the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy.

Developer, D Light Design, marketing these lamps costing U.S. $ 10 or about Rp90 thousand to a predominantly African region electrical difficulties and still rely on oil lamps.

This replacement lamp is expected to reduce the mortality experienced by 1.5 million people per year due to inhaling gasoline vapor.

In addition, these lamps also contribute to carbon emission reduction into climate change culprit.

Companies that won the Gold Award for their dedication is a business that was developed by entrepreneurs of Indian origin.

"These lights replace kerosene role, as cell phones replace the function of the letter," said one entrepreneur, as quoted by the BBC.Now according to the statement made in a press release Ashden Awards, "The jury was fascinated to see the effectiveness of the company's marketing strategy was successful in reaching more than a million people in 32 countries, and coverage is still potential for growth more broadly."

According to the award board, this lamp in three years has helped 300 thousand people in nine African countries access to renewable energy from the sun. (Ccr/M-4)


  1. Excellent idea, We should do this all over the world.