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Monday, June 14, 2010

Creation of Oil Palm Plantations

One reason for logging in Indonesia ("an official under the terms of the state") is the clearing of forest for use as oil palm plantations.
Whose theory is more improving people's lives around the forest.

But in fact the opening of the forest land is not accompanied by the planting of oil palm.

Apparently it is only used to cut down the forest, if done any planting of oil palm is not just for formality in accordance with the land that is cleared.

This causes damage that uncontrolled forest and its ecosystem are contained in the forest.

Not to mention the wealth of the world of flora and fauna that have not been recorded and has not been used optimally, because of the limitations of science today.

This went on for decades and until now, no effort is maximum, to repair the damage.

Not the dreaded sound of fallen trees, but the fall of the tree of unknown usefulness of our fears.

Because maybe also a tree that they cut one part of whether it leaves, skin, meat or roots could be used as a cure for cancer or HIV / AIDS.

That's what we fear, not to mention the process of photosynthesis as a natural process to increase the level of oxygen in the air will be reduced.

Deforestation is also a series of events in the global warming and climate change (weather anomalies).

Hopefully with this blog media, which is a free facility that effectively and efficiently from Google will open the eyes of the world for more attention to the rain forest.

We hope .....

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