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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why does the rainforest is damaged ?

This question has often occurred to me that the brain has limited capacity.
There are few answers in my mind in the rain forest damage occurred due to the forest turned into housing by the population growth, mining, plantation agriculture.
The direct impact is felt because of the damage the rain forest is the difficulty of water during the dry season, also floods and landslides during the rainy season.Earth will be getting damaged due to global warming and climate change.
Rain forest destruction.
Entering the month of June, in Indonesia usually have no rain, and had entered the dry season.But what happens now is just the opposite, this is caused by weather anomalies.Rain at an improper time will make the flooding and landslides caused by damage to the environment because many forests and mountains of bare no hard trunked plants.
Yes, the impact of the drastic depreciation of forest in 50 years, from rain forests in Indonesia was in 1950 there were approximately 162 million hectares already shrank to 118.7 million hectares. Shrink again in 2003 to 110 million hectares and in 2005 it shrank again to 93.92 million hectares in 60-year mean shrunk 70 million hectares.
Global Warming.
The loss of rain forests is one of the trigger of global warming, mean air temperature in the atmosphere tend to increase so that the rays of the sun became very hot.
This causes what is called the damage the ozone layer and causing polar ice to melt nd regional and global climate change and the changing life cycles of flora and fauna.
From satellite data collection in mind a number of icebergs in the northern hemisphere has been broken and melted resulting in rising sea levels.One of the ill-effects are decreasing oxygen levels and the increasing volume of CO2 in the air.This is also due to the reduced number of plants as producers of oxygen and CO2 absorber in the process of photosynthesis.
What should we do ? While world demand for wood is increasing .... ? Or suspension of logging needs to be done today ?
Yes, the world's wood needs increase with the growth of population.That while this is not balanced with efforts to replant the forest land.Temporary cessation of rainforest logging is also not going to solve the problem, because without fulfilling the necessities of life for communities around the forest then a fixed rate of forest destruction occurs.
And ?
Give support from now on to the foresters who have been trying as much as possible to restrain the rate of destruction of forests by planting more hard trunked tree whose term has a short harvest period until more useful for fulfilling the necessities of life for communities around the forest.Norway is committed to provide assistance amounting to 1 million U.S. $ to Indonesia for the effort to stop global warming.A great pity if this is done without changing the existing bureaucratic system, because aid will mostly be absorbed to the cost of bureaucracy with all sorts of troubles and eventually just come to the community of less than 20% is very unfortunate if this occurs.

Now back to you all, because the effort peyelamatan earth now, it should not be charged to a bureaucratic system only.It's supposed to be if directly on the direct executors are not friendly, not heard his voice on a bureaucratic system.
It is not known by the audience publicity but continues to work without end.

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