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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's hard to find donations for the environment.

If you are volunteers working in the field of environment and does not have an organization, it must have been having difficulty as I have now. 

It seems that all donations will flow to the well-known organizations, but because the organization consists of many people must have the majority of the existing funds will be used to finance the first operation (salaries, accommodation, meals, transportation and others). 

While organizations that are not shaped like ours today, it could be ascertained only sheer fantasy to realize the project as expected. 

Sometimes I think this is very ironic, although the pace and form of reforestation projects that have been damaged that we run today is very real and visible results. Existing communities on the edge of the forest already feeling the positive impact of this project. 

Forests can be maintained intact. 

Because society is only cutting their own tree cultivation, not expanded into natural plant trees. 

Some of this time I tried their luck with trying to make money with the Internet (Make money online), like many articles in the online world of marketing is very bombastic language about how to get thousands of dollars from the Internet, which finally recommended pay e-book and join the membership. 

To pay an e-book which amounted to tens and even hundreds of dollars it is very unlikely to me that this poor. 

To finance the current needs of the family have often had debts, if they are willing to make loans. 

Try looking for donations of money through the internet was also not easy. 

Trying to monetize the blog itself is much more difficult because it had no educational background in computer science. 

Doing business via the Internet should understand at least about SEO, Google Pagerank, Alexa, Yahoo and many other terms that are very scary for me this stupid.

To be able to get money from internet business, it means a lot as well as costs to be paid.

As research on google adword, training and other internet marketing.Which currently cost we do not have the ability to facilitate this.

Also try their luck with such affiliate business clickbank, amazon, ebay and others, are also very difficult. Like running in an endless wilderness.

Maybe it's steps should I live if I have to work harder than offline business, in order to realize the dream of improving the forest has been destroyed by illegal logging.

Now it's time I was in fact a bad deal.

After I spent some time taking care of reforestation projects, my family is very chaotic at home financially.

The house will be seized by the Bank, leasing a car that was six months overdue and the debt collector can not wait.

Some time in the future either for how long I'll leave reforestation projects, and rearrange my family financially very chaotic.Routine work activities in a boring business offline I will live again, although this time will be extremely difficult because of age who are no longer young.

And maybe every night will dream about the environment fresh, green and beneficial to surrounding communities and the world.

I'm just a dreamer, a fool and could not do much.

Apologies great now I have to say on all the friends that during 7-8 months, have worked together to improve reforestation projects.

Keep the spirit of my friend.
I will continue to fight for the future of a better world, although not with friends in Borneo.
Together we can realize a dream

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