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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FOREST destroyed, the bleak future of the world

when the floods and landslides have killed dozens of residents, the community realized that they had lost all functions of forests. 

Tree guards who detain or arrest as well as rain water in the hills and highlands of the island has been cut down just to satisfy the greed of material lust momentarily. In fact, the results of timber sales that did not make the people around became prosperous. 

In contrast, forest logging actions that just makes the residents who already suffer from sengsaram more floods and landslides that have devastated villages them. natural forests are actually able to provide benefits to their lives turned into anger and lead to disaster. 

Proven, losses incurred due to illegal logging was really invaluable. in addition to the treasure, the human soul also germplasm and ecology of forest resources which actually useful for human life is also destroyed. economic function, ecological, social and forest resources were destroyed as well. there are no forests, no future. 

Uncontrolled logging nowadays is a serious problem facing the forestry sector.  

This case highlighted the world took place because of weak law enforcement supported. illegal logging is rampant pillage accompanied mainly on the borders of Borneo - Sarawak - because it involves many parties, from members of the community to the authorities.  

Situation has accelerated the degradation rate of Indonesian rain forests, which constitute the lung - the lung of the world. illegal logging was who did not care anymore whether they are cutting production forests, conservation forests or protected forests.

Condition of forest resources who increasingly damaged by the day are unlikely to be improved in the near future. political instability and the implementation of forestry since the mid-year 1998 which progressively gets worse at this time become a strong encouragement of forest degradation and deforestation increase (decrease and forest destruction) 

"Current rates of forest decline otherwise reach 1.6 to 1.8 million hectares per year is likely to increase rapidly in the next five years." according to economic analysts predict forestry forestry economic observers predict. indeed, the world bank has estimated that all natural forests in Sumatra will be lost in the year 2005 - 2010 and in Borneo on the years 2010-2015. 

Law enforcement which has been the weak point of the forest protection should be prioritized appropriately. moral integrity in maintaining the forest's natural wealth should be able to be grown independently in each apparatus forestry or related parties such as wood and public employers. 

Things that should not be overlooked, responsibility preservation of this forest resource utilization are not only the forest department, but now is precisely the main task of world community with all the elements involved in, the wealth suber very abundant forest resources should be used as capital in the development of welfare International, national and regional levels. 

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