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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's hard to find donations for the environment.

If you are volunteers working in the field of environment and does not have an organization, it must have been having difficulty as I have now. 

It seems that all donations will flow to the well-known organizations, but because the organization consists of many people must have the majority of the existing funds will be used to finance the first operation (salaries, accommodation, meals, transportation and others). 

While organizations that are not shaped like ours today, it could be ascertained only sheer fantasy to realize the project as expected. 

Sometimes I think this is very ironic, although the pace and form of reforestation projects that have been damaged that we run today is very real and visible results. Existing communities on the edge of the forest already feeling the positive impact of this project. 

Forests can be maintained intact. 

Because society is only cutting their own tree cultivation, not expanded into natural plant trees. 

Some of this time I tried their luck with trying to make money with the Internet (Make money online), like many articles in the online world of marketing is very bombastic language about how to get thousands of dollars from the Internet, which finally recommended pay e-book and join the membership. 

To pay an e-book which amounted to tens and even hundreds of dollars it is very unlikely to me that this poor. 

To finance the current needs of the family have often had debts, if they are willing to make loans. 

Try looking for donations of money through the internet was also not easy. 

Trying to monetize the blog itself is much more difficult because it had no educational background in computer science. 

Doing business via the Internet should understand at least about SEO, Google Pagerank, Alexa, Yahoo and many other terms that are very scary for me this stupid.

To be able to get money from internet business, it means a lot as well as costs to be paid.

As research on google adword, training and other internet marketing.Which currently cost we do not have the ability to facilitate this.

Also try their luck with such affiliate business clickbank, amazon, ebay and others, are also very difficult. Like running in an endless wilderness.

Maybe it's steps should I live if I have to work harder than offline business, in order to realize the dream of improving the forest has been destroyed by illegal logging.

Now it's time I was in fact a bad deal.

After I spent some time taking care of reforestation projects, my family is very chaotic at home financially.

The house will be seized by the Bank, leasing a car that was six months overdue and the debt collector can not wait.

Some time in the future either for how long I'll leave reforestation projects, and rearrange my family financially very chaotic.Routine work activities in a boring business offline I will live again, although this time will be extremely difficult because of age who are no longer young.

And maybe every night will dream about the environment fresh, green and beneficial to surrounding communities and the world.

I'm just a dreamer, a fool and could not do much.

Apologies great now I have to say on all the friends that during 7-8 months, have worked together to improve reforestation projects.

Keep the spirit of my friend.
I will continue to fight for the future of a better world, although not with friends in Borneo.
Together we can realize a dream

Monday, June 28, 2010

"TACKLING" illegal logging

llegal logging has long been identified as a prominent forest problem with detrimental impacts - ecologically, socially and economically. It is now targeted by the Judicial Mafia Taskforce amid numerous controversial verdicts favoring the suspects (The Jakarta Post, April 19, 2010 "Taskforce sets sights on illegal logging mafia allegations", also April 8, 2010 "SBY orders taskforce to tackle illegal logging").
To tackle illegal logging, investigating those alleged to have been involved in the judicial process favoring the suspects is important The process nonetheless occurs after the damage has been done. Problems of illegal logging are extensive in that the countrys forest systems cannot effectively prevent illegal logging.
A closer look on "forest processes", which might have contributed to favoring illegal activities, is therefore not less imperative than the former. By definition, there are two forms of illegal logging. People might need not further explanation on timber poaching by unauthorized loggers, but they might raise their eyebrows knowing that illegal logging, as a matter of fact in our country, is often wrapped in legal processes that hence cannot easily be detected.
In general, management plans are set in place to ensure how much and where timber can be legally logged from the forests, but they are often abused. For instance, some logging activities occur outside the approved compartments, or the actual harvestis beyond the set limits. A prominent example is illegal logging by Adelin Lis companies, which were granted legal forest utilization licenses.
His forest management companies were found to be logging trees in protected areas in Mandating and Batang Gadis National Park of North Sumatra, which both restrict logging activity. As reports suggest, despite only securing an annual harvest limit of 50,000 cubic meters, its downstream industry processed nearly 1 million cubic meters.
In most cases, violence on the management plans should not be hard to detect nonetheless. It then becomes difficult to track down when the annual harvest limits are set and officially approved by forest authorities beyond the capacity of the forests to regenerate themselves. It is not uncommon that forest officials conspire with forest companies to raise the harvest bars, allowing the companies to harvest more, of course illegally.
Technically, they are those who are appointed to check whether the management plans are sound enough, but field insptions are often insufficient, if not non-existent. Reports also suggest that legal harvest licenses are "on-sale" to undertake in illegal activities.
The message here is again that tackling down on illegal logging should also touch the governance system of the Forest Ministry. Models of licenses and approvals might not be best anymore.
Being objective, too many requirements and pre-conditions incurred to forest companies, on the one hand, create hospitable environments for corrupt officials to benefit from circumstances in which forest companies are no wishto comply with.
On the other hand, being burdened with formal and informal fees, the forest managers are likely to compensate to more harvests from the forests.
This becomes a vicious circle and all contributes to persistent illegal logging in the country.
There is an increasingly apparent need of simplified, but of course effective, surveillance systems on forest companies.
Approaches on independent assessments, which have been recently implemented, generate a glimpse of enthusiasm and optimism, but indeed have no guarantee as well.
Recently, the Forestry Ministry has exercised the implementation of regular inventory systems imposed on forest companies to monitor the forest condition from time to time.
It is an innovative experiment, but as said, this will burden the forest companies more. Hence, this innovation should be followed with the removal of some overlapping, and ineffective requirements to limit peoples desire for compensation from the forests.
It is perhaps well-worth for forest companies practicing wise forest operation and management to experiment with incentive-based approaches.
The incentives can vary from having reduced financial obligations on harvesting timber from forests to a simpler bureaucracy processes, which certainly leads to lower management costs. Such lowered financial burdens should draw interest from managers.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Forest Illegal Logging In Indonesia Same With "HARAKIRI"

llegal logging in Indonesia as a form of forest exploitation of natural resource wealth that has lasted a long time, unwittingly mean the same by doing "harakiri". 

"No we are aware, Indonesia is doing harakiri on its forest resources. And for 30 years in the process of national forest exploitation, in fact increased since the era of autonomy," said Head of Sub Directorate of Conservation and Development Pemolaan DG PHKA Region, Ministry of Forestry, Jl. Wiratno MSc, in Yogyakarta, Tuesday. 

Exploitation of tropical forests is increasing along with the action even illegal logging occurs because the imbalance distribution of natural resources, other than extravagant lifestyle in developed countries which imitated the world community becomes even modern lifestyle trends.

"The conditions there are energy flows from south to north, and forests is one of strategic resources such as contested in the globalization of this," he said. 

According to him, satellite technology makes even the developed countries can freely determines the condition of natural resources in other countries, particularly those located in the southern hemisphere. 

At the time of the stock of wood in tropical forest thinning, there is encroachment into the forest conservation forest areas including national parks, such as Tanjung Putting National Park in Central Kalimantan, or in the Gunung Leuser National Park (TNGL) Langkat, North Sumatra. 

'Illegal wood illegally in TNGL can run smoothly because they are supported by strong capital, the availability of working equipment and manpower are easily available and protected by local police officers, officials, and weak security in the field of forestry police, "he said. 

He said the complexity of the problem of illegal logging in many cases, governments need support from the "legitimate" and strong, because if not, harakiri forests will continue to happen.

"National politics have to side with the conservation and rehabilitation of forest resources and are managed by investment nuances," he continued. 

If the rehabilitation and conservation can not be done, the forests of Indonesia, which is located in the lowlands of Sumatra are expected to run out in 2015 and in Kalimantan by 2010. 

Basically, Wiratno said, the impact of forest destruction will not only be felt by the people around him but is able to pass through border states such as floods, landslides, fires and smoke haze. 

While the impact of such a chain is declining soil fertility, pests, diseases, and drought, he said.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FOREST destroyed, the bleak future of the world

when the floods and landslides have killed dozens of residents, the community realized that they had lost all functions of forests. 

Tree guards who detain or arrest as well as rain water in the hills and highlands of the island has been cut down just to satisfy the greed of material lust momentarily. In fact, the results of timber sales that did not make the people around became prosperous. 

In contrast, forest logging actions that just makes the residents who already suffer from sengsaram more floods and landslides that have devastated villages them. natural forests are actually able to provide benefits to their lives turned into anger and lead to disaster. 

Proven, losses incurred due to illegal logging was really invaluable. in addition to the treasure, the human soul also germplasm and ecology of forest resources which actually useful for human life is also destroyed. economic function, ecological, social and forest resources were destroyed as well. there are no forests, no future. 

Uncontrolled logging nowadays is a serious problem facing the forestry sector.  

This case highlighted the world took place because of weak law enforcement supported. illegal logging is rampant pillage accompanied mainly on the borders of Borneo - Sarawak - because it involves many parties, from members of the community to the authorities.  

Situation has accelerated the degradation rate of Indonesian rain forests, which constitute the lung - the lung of the world. illegal logging was who did not care anymore whether they are cutting production forests, conservation forests or protected forests.

Condition of forest resources who increasingly damaged by the day are unlikely to be improved in the near future. political instability and the implementation of forestry since the mid-year 1998 which progressively gets worse at this time become a strong encouragement of forest degradation and deforestation increase (decrease and forest destruction) 

"Current rates of forest decline otherwise reach 1.6 to 1.8 million hectares per year is likely to increase rapidly in the next five years." according to economic analysts predict forestry forestry economic observers predict. indeed, the world bank has estimated that all natural forests in Sumatra will be lost in the year 2005 - 2010 and in Borneo on the years 2010-2015. 

Law enforcement which has been the weak point of the forest protection should be prioritized appropriately. moral integrity in maintaining the forest's natural wealth should be able to be grown independently in each apparatus forestry or related parties such as wood and public employers. 

Things that should not be overlooked, responsibility preservation of this forest resource utilization are not only the forest department, but now is precisely the main task of world community with all the elements involved in, the wealth suber very abundant forest resources should be used as capital in the development of welfare International, national and regional levels. 

Hopefully useful

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Could it be ..... ?

Can this be stopped right now ?

Able with the support and assistance from all of you that care about the futur
e of a better world......

Thank you to all those who have provided assistance and this is proof of your help....

Indonesian Forest Conversion

Indonesia will impose a moratorium on forest conversion. Moratorium (temporary suspension of logging), this forest is an agreement between Indonesia and Norway, signed in the Forest and Climate Change Conference in Oslo, Norway.

Moratorium (temporary suspension of logging) forest implemantasi reduction strategy Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradationn - REDD). In agreements (Letters of Intent - LoI) forest moratorium, Indonesia committed to conduct forest conversion moratorium and peatlands for two years beginning in early 2011. As a consequence, Indonesia will obtain a grant of one billion dollars from the Norwegian government.

As a first step the forest conversion moratorium various preparatory actions will be conducted from June 2010 until December 2010. Various such measures include the establishment of specialized agencies as implementing a moratorium that has the credibility and transparency and the National Action Plan (RAN).

No less important is the consultation between central and local government that is able to create synergy. Also be done with the business communication and consultation with indigenous organizations for successful programs moratorium (suspension) of forest conversion to be performed.
As revealed by Minister of Forestry Zulkifli Hasan, at least five areas have been proposed in morotarium signed between the Indonesian government was the Norwegian government. The five areas include Kampar (Riau), Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, Bengkulu and West Papua. The Norwegian government will choose one of five proposals which are compatible with + REDD pilot project (Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation).

Morotarium expected with the implementation for two years, Indonesia has not it can reduce carbon emissions to 26 percent in 2020. In addition, the Indonesian-Norwegian cooperation was the first and methods are expected to become a model for other countries.

May the forest conversion moratorium made this really be done in an effort to reduce carbon emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. So, with the moratorium on forest conversion is expected to protect the carbon Indonesia globally significant biodiversity and richness of tropical rain forests while helping local communities to more prosperous not just tempted by the value of one billion dollars was promised Norway.

This article .... Taken from various sources

Monday, June 14, 2010

Creation of Oil Palm Plantations

One reason for logging in Indonesia ("an official under the terms of the state") is the clearing of forest for use as oil palm plantations.
Whose theory is more improving people's lives around the forest.

But in fact the opening of the forest land is not accompanied by the planting of oil palm.

Apparently it is only used to cut down the forest, if done any planting of oil palm is not just for formality in accordance with the land that is cleared.

This causes damage that uncontrolled forest and its ecosystem are contained in the forest.

Not to mention the wealth of the world of flora and fauna that have not been recorded and has not been used optimally, because of the limitations of science today.

This went on for decades and until now, no effort is maximum, to repair the damage.

Not the dreaded sound of fallen trees, but the fall of the tree of unknown usefulness of our fears.

Because maybe also a tree that they cut one part of whether it leaves, skin, meat or roots could be used as a cure for cancer or HIV / AIDS.

That's what we fear, not to mention the process of photosynthesis as a natural process to increase the level of oxygen in the air will be reduced.

Deforestation is also a series of events in the global warming and climate change (weather anomalies).

Hopefully with this blog media, which is a free facility that effectively and efficiently from Google will open the eyes of the world for more attention to the rain forest.

We hope .....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why does the rainforest is damaged ?

This question has often occurred to me that the brain has limited capacity.
There are few answers in my mind in the rain forest damage occurred due to the forest turned into housing by the population growth, mining, plantation agriculture.
The direct impact is felt because of the damage the rain forest is the difficulty of water during the dry season, also floods and landslides during the rainy season.Earth will be getting damaged due to global warming and climate change.
Rain forest destruction.
Entering the month of June, in Indonesia usually have no rain, and had entered the dry season.But what happens now is just the opposite, this is caused by weather anomalies.Rain at an improper time will make the flooding and landslides caused by damage to the environment because many forests and mountains of bare no hard trunked plants.
Yes, the impact of the drastic depreciation of forest in 50 years, from rain forests in Indonesia was in 1950 there were approximately 162 million hectares already shrank to 118.7 million hectares. Shrink again in 2003 to 110 million hectares and in 2005 it shrank again to 93.92 million hectares in 60-year mean shrunk 70 million hectares.
Global Warming.
The loss of rain forests is one of the trigger of global warming, mean air temperature in the atmosphere tend to increase so that the rays of the sun became very hot.
This causes what is called the damage the ozone layer and causing polar ice to melt nd regional and global climate change and the changing life cycles of flora and fauna.
From satellite data collection in mind a number of icebergs in the northern hemisphere has been broken and melted resulting in rising sea levels.One of the ill-effects are decreasing oxygen levels and the increasing volume of CO2 in the air.This is also due to the reduced number of plants as producers of oxygen and CO2 absorber in the process of photosynthesis.
What should we do ? While world demand for wood is increasing .... ? Or suspension of logging needs to be done today ?
Yes, the world's wood needs increase with the growth of population.That while this is not balanced with efforts to replant the forest land.Temporary cessation of rainforest logging is also not going to solve the problem, because without fulfilling the necessities of life for communities around the forest then a fixed rate of forest destruction occurs.
And ?
Give support from now on to the foresters who have been trying as much as possible to restrain the rate of destruction of forests by planting more hard trunked tree whose term has a short harvest period until more useful for fulfilling the necessities of life for communities around the forest.Norway is committed to provide assistance amounting to 1 million U.S. $ to Indonesia for the effort to stop global warming.A great pity if this is done without changing the existing bureaucratic system, because aid will mostly be absorbed to the cost of bureaucracy with all sorts of troubles and eventually just come to the community of less than 20% is very unfortunate if this occurs.

Now back to you all, because the effort peyelamatan earth now, it should not be charged to a bureaucratic system only.It's supposed to be if directly on the direct executors are not friendly, not heard his voice on a bureaucratic system.
It is not known by the audience publicity but continues to work without end.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Investments with Sengon ( Paraserianthes Falcataria )

For investment, Albasia is a very appropriate choice, about the age of Albasia harvest is about 4 to 5 years. 

Before planting, of course, you must first conduct a survey of the land to be used, such as pest and disease history, security and altitude locations. 

And most important is the selection of seeds. 

Do not select the seeds at random because it will hurt your own financial or in terms of time. 

If the bad seed, it will be easy Albasia contaminated by pest and disease, have a slow growth and high mortality rates. 

We provide a choice Albasia seeds where all the seeds had been through the selection phase, which has resistance to pests and diseases have a rapid growth. 

Minimum order is 1 Kg. 

Price / Weight / Quality: 
$15 / Kg / A 

Note: Prices do not include shipping.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First aid for our forest conservation projects.

In the last 10 days there are several bids from prospective donors, who will donate some equipment and money to help smooth the conservation project in Borneo.

One thing that is very unpredictable and exciting.
It was shocking and to be grateful, with the help of this means we are not useless step.

When I asked them about the existence of our project is, they answer to know the existence of this project from the blog / website I have created.
I extend thanks also to Google, Yahoo and other search engines that have been published this conservation project to the world.

Money and goods that they contribute significantly to the sustainability of this project, because the power plant that uses solar energy and wind with battery as energy storage.

Some funds already budgeted for the purchase of fuel the generator will be allocated for purchase of plant seeds again.

Thank You, apparently the world's concern for the conservation of forests are still very large.
And we believe in conservation of forest on the equator which is currently carried out will get maximum results.

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Bateray as a store of energy from wind and sun

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