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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First aid for our forest conservation projects.

In the last 10 days there are several bids from prospective donors, who will donate some equipment and money to help smooth the conservation project in Borneo.

One thing that is very unpredictable and exciting.
It was shocking and to be grateful, with the help of this means we are not useless step.

When I asked them about the existence of our project is, they answer to know the existence of this project from the blog / website I have created.
I extend thanks also to Google, Yahoo and other search engines that have been published this conservation project to the world.

Money and goods that they contribute significantly to the sustainability of this project, because the power plant that uses solar energy and wind with battery as energy storage.

Some funds already budgeted for the purchase of fuel the generator will be allocated for purchase of plant seeds again.

Thank You, apparently the world's concern for the conservation of forests are still very large.
And we believe in conservation of forest on the equator which is currently carried out will get maximum results.

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Bateray as a store of energy from wind and sun

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    С уважением Сергей

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  4. Thanks Robert, now what do you recommend for my blog? Since I am a newcomer to the world of bloggers.
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